About NPAM

NPAM Mission Statement

We believe that all Manitobans deserve the highest quality health care possible. 

We believe that Nurse Practitioners play a unique and valuable role in Manitoba’s health care system.

Building on those core beliefs, NPAM exists:

  1. To be the primary advocate and promoter of the NP role and to ensure that the public, decision-makers and stakeholders of Manitoba fully understand and appreciate the value of NPs.
  2. To support all NPs within the province with mentorship and education opportunities and to provide a forum for NPs to foster and maintain connections important for addressing similar issues and challenges.

In summary, NPAM exists to develop and promote the unique role of NPs in delivering the highest quality health care to all Manitobans. We achieve our purpose by advocating for NPs, informing stakeholders about the NP role, and supporting and educating NPs across Manitoba to ensure they have the tools to continue to deliver the highest level of care to the individuals they serve.