Board of Directors


Ashley Pylypowich, NP, currently works as a Nurse Practitioner for Interlake Eastern Regional Health Authority. She obtained both her Bachelor of Nursing (2010) and Masters of Nursing – NP stream from the University of Manitoba (2015). Additionally, she obtained her Winnipeg Critical CareProgram certification. Ashley has held various nursing positions in areas such as pediatric intensive care, adult oncology, and medical education for The University of Manitoba. Her volunteer experience includes the Graduate Nursing Student Association, University of Manitoba NP program, and NPAM’s conference committee. Ashley is very excited to take on her new responsibilities on the executive committee to ensure that NPAM has a strong voice in Manitoba’s healthcare system. Her focus is to see the role continue to flourish and advocate both for NPs and quality patient care.



Cathy Scofield-Singh, NP, has been an NP for 3 years working as a primary care NP and have over 30 years of experience as an RN with a diverse nursing career. Prior to becoming an NP, she had the opportunity to work in northern remote communities as a Primary Care Nurse for over 10 yrs. While she enjoyed working in northern remote communities, she was frequently frustrated as she was limited in the scope of practice to meet the diverse needs of my clients. Cathy felt that the best way to meet those needs and provide more in-depth services would be to become a nurse practitioner.  Cathy graduated from the University of Manitoba Masters of Nursing NP program in Oct 2013.

Since graduating as an NP, she has worked with Southern Health as one of the first NPs on their Mobile Clinic. Cathy recently moved over to Prairie Mountain Health and is based out of Ste Rose-du-Lac.  She provides primary health care on the PMH Mobile Clinic for O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi, and in Swan River at the Swan Valley Primary Health Care Center.  Cathy is very excited to be a part of the PMH Primary Care Services and is looking forward to providing services to clients who access our healthcare service. Currently, she is the treasurer of the Nurse Practitioner Association of Canada.  Cathy has been sitting on the CNA’s Choosing Wisely Canada national committee and is helping to lead the NPAC NP Choosing Wisely Canada national committee.

Director of Finance

Maureen, NP After graduating from Health Sciences Centre (HSC) in 1993, Maureen moved to Thompson to work at the Thompson General Hospital (TGH) as a general duty nurse. From there Maureen developed an appreciation of the north and rural life. Next, she completed the specialty training to work in the renal dialysis unit at TGH and then she moved back to Winnipeg and continued to work in the dialysis units at Health Science Centre (HSC) and would fill in at the Pine Falls dialysis unit as needed. From there, Maureen moved to the fast paced environment of the emergency department in HSC. Maureen also worked in northern Manitoba with First Nation and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) working as a community health nurse.Maureen completed her BScN from Brandon University in 2008. Maureen worked in Nunavut on an air ambulance where she would bring patients out of Nunavut to Winnipeg. Maureen graduated from Dalhousie University with a Master of Nursing degree / Nurse Practitioner and started working with Interlake-Eastern RHA in July 2015. She has worked in the Selkirk Quick Care Clinic, Gimli Hospital and Selkirk & District General Hospital ER minor treatment area. When asked about what she thinks it would be like working in a mobile clinic she says she is excited to meet the people in the communities and to bring primary care to the people. In the mobile clinic nurse practitioners and primary care nurses will be able to treat everyone from seniors, adults, families and kids. Maureen was born and raised in Winnipeg so moving to Thompson was her first experience of living in a rural community and she embraced all it had to offer shortly after becoming an outdoors enthusiast. She has canoed and/or kayaked many of the lakes and rivers in Manitoba.

Director of Media & Marketing

Alison Kirk, RN NP, graduated from the University of Manitoba with her Bachelors of Nursing in 2012 & Master of Nursing Nurse Practitioner Stream in 2017. Alison is a new grad and is currently seeking employment as a NP, at present she is working as a RN at Brandon Regional Health Centre in the ER. She has held various nursing positions in areas including Cardiac Surgery, Home Care, Northern Nursing, and ER. Alison’s volunteer experience includes NPAM exeuctive committee as the communications representative and previous STTI Nursing Honor Society treasurer.

Alison is passionate about health promotion and disease prevention and strongly believes in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle with her clients. She is excited to be part of the NPAM executive committee, learn more about NPAM and become more involved in the advancement of the NP role in Manitoba. Alison wants to see the NP role continue to flourish in Manitoba in order to improve patient care.

Director of Continuing Education

Melisa Guerrero, NP, currently works with WRHA as a nurse practitioner. She completed the bachelor of nursing in 2011 and subsequently practiced as a pediatric nurse.  Melisa recently graduated from the University of Manitoba completing her masters of nursing (NP stream) in the summer of 2017.  She was involved in the 8th NPAM conference as a member of the planning committee. Other volunteering experience includes member of the graduate student association, APN conference committee and Saul Sair health center at Siloam mission. Melisa is very excited for the opportunities that lie ahead in her new role with NPAM.

Co – Conference Chairs

Christa Slatnick, NP, works at Gynecologic Oncology at CancerCare Manitoba. Christa had over 11 years of experience working as a nurse with Antepartum, Gynecology, and Gynecologic Oncology patients at Women’s Hospital, Health Sciences Centre. She then joined the team at CancerCare Manitoba in 2012 after graduating with her Masters in Nursing at the University of Manitoba.

Christa has also been highly involved with Ovarian Cancer Canada over the past 13 years as a volunteer co-chair in Winnipeg for Ovarian Cancer Canada’s Walk of Hope, while also volunteering as a “Knowledge is Power” presenter to large groups of women wanting to learn more about ovarian cancer. In 2013, Christa recieved the Ovarian Cancer Canada’s Peggy Truscott Award and in 2015 the Future Leaders of Manitoba Award.

Last year Christa was Co-Chair of the NPAM Conference Committee and is excited to take on the Co-Chair role once again with Christy Seniuk to help ensure such an important event continues to offer essential educational and networking opportunities.

Christy Seniuk, NP, a nurse since 1994, graduated from the University of Manitoba Nurse Practitioner Masters of Nursing stream in 2006.  Completing her final practicum in Bethesda Emergency, she was able to create a full-time NP position in the department and enjoyed 10 years in that role.  Recently she changed gears and has gone part-time at the Steinbach Quick Care Clinic as well as casual within the WRHA Quick Care Clinics.

Christy looks forward to once again co-chairing the conference committee with Christa Slatnik and bringing a conference full of ideas, knowledge, and energy to our profession in 2017.

Student Liaisons

Katherine Kania, RN, is a first-year NP student at Athabasca University. After graduating in 2002, Katherine completed a post-diploma certificate in Perinatal Intensive Care Nursing, an Emergency Nursing Pediatric course, and a Post-Bachelor of Nursing degree at Athabasca University in 2016, while working at the Children’s Hospital in Winnipeg.

Katherine is determined to build upon her skills and knowledge as she completes the NP program at Athabasca University and believes strongly that she can combine the foundational values of nursing with the advanced knowledge necessary to provide primary care for the growing communities in the health authority. By volunteering for NPAM, Katherine hopes connect students with the association and build upon the resources available to NP students as they grow into their new role. Katherine is very excited about volunteering for NPAM and connecting with members of the association to advance the NP role in Manitoba.

NPAM Conference Committee

  • Ashley Markowsky, NP
  • Ashley Pylypowich, NP
  • Chandra Deutscher, NP
  • Dana de Boer, NP
  • Danyel Reimer, NP
  • Sophie Barnabe, NP

NPAM Awards Committee

  • Brent Gouthro, NP
  • Racheal Wiebe-Skouta, NP

NP Day – Nov. 18 Committee

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