What is NPAM?

The NPAM serves as a voice for NPs in Manitoba as a specialty practice group. NPAM is a non-profit, volunteer run group that endeavours to support and advance the professional interests of NPs in order to provide accessible and effective health care to the public of Manitoba.

The NPAM collaborates with NPs, employers, unions, legislators, regulators, the public, and educators while advancing the NP role in Manitoba. Education, registration, scope of practice responsibility, and continuing competencies are rigorous for NPs.  The NP registration processes are demanding to obtain and maintain via education program credit and clinical practice hours, registration renewal practice hours, and annual practice audit requirements. Few other health or nursing roles are as scrutinized, standardized, investigated, or evaluated related to legislative acts and scope of practice responsibilities by nurse regulators, law, employers, and educators.

See www.npnow.ca for further information

NPAM Mission Statement

We believe that all Manitobans deserve the highest quality health care possible.

We believe that Nurse Practitioners play a unique and valuable role in Manitoba’s health care system.