Benefits of Membership

Reasons to Join NPAM

The NPAM engages with NPs, employers, unions, legislators, regulators, researchers, industry, the public, and educators to advance the NP role in Manitoba and Canada.

For You

Advance personally & professionally (education & career essentials)

  • Develop yourself – obtain the latest up to date information for employment, legislative/scope changes, continuing education, or conferences, and network with other NPs.
  • Insider access/perspective – information from meetings is distributed via communications to members – ebulletin, and member only website pages.
  • Savings – reduced cost for NPAM and CAAPN conferences.

For NPs

Advance the role in Manitoba

  • Legislative advocacy – meetings with the Minister of Health, the Manitoba Nurses Union, the CRNM, Manitoba Health, surveys and information gathering to share/advocate key points of important issues to advance NPs.
  • Career links – NP job postings.
  • Leadership – participate with various NP groups, consumers, industry, or researchers with established or establishing alliances locally and nationally.
  • Support & Funding – monetary awards for students (1st year, 2nd year, & doctoral studies); awards of excellence (clinical, leadership, mentorship, research), mentorship program, resources to sign out/borrow – CDs, texts, videos.

For the future

Advance practice nationally

  • National knowledge/perspective – insight into national legislation/issues for example the Controlled Drugs and Substances act, medical marihuana, provincial legislation for example the Regulate Health Professions Act, NP Day proclaimation, Hospital Insurance Act, etc.
  • National NP engagement – to NP associations across Canada, to learn and grow from opportunities and support from other NPs and organizations related to legislation regulation, standards, education, or research, etc.

“While a NP journal may describe the issues and call for action, it is the local and national NP organizations that make change possible at the state and federal levels, where meaningful policy changes are so essential. …The easiest way to take this professional responsibility seriously is to support your state and national NP organizations with your dues and your actions in response to their requests for letters or information.“ Edmunds, M. W. (2012). The Power of Professional NP Associations. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 8(10), 766. doi:10.1016/j.nurpra.2012.09.005